Doing Life Together: The Biggest Reasons We Homeschool

My oldest son is only seven, so we’ve only been homeschooling for a couple years. But I’ve already faced greater challenges and sewn bigger blessings than I could ever have imagined. The challenges usually look like people who ask why we homeschool. Why would we want to do this job ourselves when we have public or private schools that will do it for us? But, homeschool isn’t just about learning what what is taught in school. It’s a lifestyle, it’s about doing life together.

I believe that as parents, we are the ones who are called, and the most fit to teach them everything they need to know for life. And why not? We are, after all the ones who love and care for them more than anyone, and who have the greatest investment in bringing them up! These were only a couple of the reasons we homeschool our kids, but they are probably the biggest ones.

One major influence in the reasons why we homeschool

John Holt quote from Teach your own: The John Holt guide to homeschooling

John Holt, known as the father of homeschooling was a major advocate of homeschooling before it was widely known as a legal and legitimate way to educate your kids. His book, “Teach Your Own”, had a major impact on how I think about the way I do life and spend my time with my family.

The thing that I love about this book is that he doesn’t try to teach you to do school at home, but really drives home the point that everything we need to know for life doesn’t need to be learned in a classroom. On the contrary, it makes so much more sense that our kids would learn about the world while they are out in it, alongside the people they are living life with, their family!

You can check out the book “Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling” here, as well as his other encouraging works on homeschooling.

Life makes for a wonderful classroom.

When we do life with our kids, allowing them to walk with us through all of the lessons we are learning, we teach them to be life-long learners as well. And this is one thing I want for my kids, because God never stops teaching us!

Sometimes I am in such a hurry to get from point A to point B, I forget to stop and take in all of the beautiful scenery along the way. Why does life need to be lived at such a pace that we speed by so much of its beauty? When I remember to slow life down enough to take in our surroundings, learning happens everywhere. Kids are so curious, open minded, and the world is so big to them! When we are patient enough to let our kids ask questions, and search for the answers, learning happens naturally. This way the things they learn stick with them, because they were the ones who wanted to learn them in the first place!

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As parents, we are supposed to be the biggest influences in our kids’ lives.

I see it as a privilegeto get to raise my kids and prepare them to be healthy, responsible, successful adults. It recently hit me that if I were to send my kid to school, I would be away from him 35 hours a week! That’s more time than I would get to spend with them once you take away the time we are sleeping, he’s with his friends, or I’m doing work around the house. That’s 35 hours a week that someone else is teaching them, or that he is spending time with other kids, who may or may not be a good influence on him! It’s just more time than I am willing to give to someone else.

I wonder who ever decided it was a good idea to pool kids with other kids their same age, around the same level of maturity. Who thought that this type of socialization would do them any good? Yes, kids need friends. They need relationships. But they don’t need peer-pressure, bullying, and exposure to topics they aren’t mature enough yet to handle. They need deep, genuine relationships with others who they have common interests with. They need real friends who will encourage them to be the best version of themselves they can be. And in order to learn how to build these kinds of relationships, they need to build trust in the people who have the greatest investment in bringing them up, their parents!

Do you have any other reasons for homeschooling your kids?

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Doing life together. The biggest reasons why we homeschool.

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