Motherhood is Enough.

To be honest, what was meant to be a short break from writing lasted quite a bit longer than I planned. That’s kind of how it goes though, huh? Anything we set our minds to do needs to be pursued faithfully and diligently or it will fall by the wayside. But as much joy as writing gives me, I found that trying to keep a blog and make it grow was costing me much more than I had anticipated. Mainly, time I needed to be spending with my family.

I don’t know how some moms are able to homeschool their kids, keep a home that doesn’t resemble a war zone, blog full time and still have time for things like sleeping and eating. I know those moms are out there, but how they do it remains a mystery to me. Trying to keep up with the demands of a blog and my family became too much for me and I felt the need to step back and gain some perspective.

Looking inward

I took some time to focus on learning to homeschool via the Charlotte Mason method, a journey which I look forward to sharing about very soon! For now, let me just say how grateful I am to have discovered the teachings of Ms. Mason, a method of homeschooling that inspires, delights and nourishes my children’s minds, hearts and souls.

I also took the time to think about why I am blogging. With all of the voices in the world today it’s easy to feel like my words aren’t really necessary. And if there’s anything I’ve always been good at, it’s doubting myself. There are so many people blogging about homeschooling, raising a family, and homemaking, things that I tend to write about. And they’re probably doing a much better job of it than I am.

So, what am I writing?

I’m here because in my little corner of the world I see and hear things that touch my heart in a way that only I can describe. Things that make me ache to put my words out there, even when there’s a little voice inside telling me I shouldn’t. Things like parents who can’t wait until their children go to preschool, so they can begin to work in ministry. Or parents who don’t know what to do with their children once they are out of school for the summer. Children whose minds are full to the brim of dates and names but who have never been taught to appreciate the beauty of this world, its people, and their creator.

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Our children deserve so much more than this. Our families deserve wives and mothers who know that serving their families is enough. It’s a calling just as honorable as having a career, whatever that looks like. We need to restore the value of a strong family to a world trying to convince us we’re better on our own. That a marriages are disposable, and that our children are better in someone else’s hands. This institute of family – an institute which God created before he formed the earth – doesn’t end at the walls of our homes. It’s meant to reach to the farthest corners of our world, to people who don’t have their own families to lean on. But how are we supposed to reach out, to be lights to this world, if we haven’t figured out how to reach the hearts of the people closest to us?

This is my story.

This is my story of trying (and many times failing) with all my might. Learning to rely on the strength of my heavenly Father, to give my children the education I wish I had. To give my husband a wife that loves and supports him in a way the world no longer teaches us. And to be a woman whose light shines bright enough to reach beyond my own walls into a dark and broken world. My hope is that by sharing my journey this blog will be an encouragement to anyone on a similar path. And if you follow my blog, please forgive me if the reality of caring for my family sometimes requires me to step away from the computer screen for a while. I promise I’ll come back again soon.

This world needs wives and mothers who know that serving their families is a calling just as honorable as having a career.

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